Factors To Consider When Investing In Pallet Racking

Selecting suitable pallet racking for your warehouse is a multifaceted process with several compelling aspects to consider. Choosing the wrong kind of racking may adversely affect your warehouse’s productivity – or even lead to an expensive re-fit within a short timeframe.

Cost: the financial cost is a major factor but it is often not the only factor or the most important.

Purpose: as with any major capital project, it is important to specify the type of job that the pallet racking must do, based on the type of goods that will be stored on it.

Accessibility: the frequency of stock turnaround may mean that your pallet racking needs to be high access, whereas less frequently moving stock could be stored on push back racking.

Warehouse layout: the size, shape and height of your warehouse, the positioning of doors and windows may determine the type of racking you need.

Versatility: you may need to adapt the configuration of your pallet racking for different uses and pallet sizes, from adjusting existing shelf height to adding or removing shelving.

Robustness: durability of the racking may be a very important factor in busy warehouse environments, or in conditions of extreme weather variation.

Availability of spares: the availability of spare parts and components such as beams and braces that can be delivered quickly and cost effectively can be key to the continuing operation of your warehouse.

Availability of expert advice: similarly, the availability of suitably qualified experts to attend site and make any repairs that may be needed to your pallet racking, when they are needed will be key to keeping your warehouse operations going

These are some of the factors you should keep in mind when investing in pallet storage racks. If you want to know more, pls contact us by email sale@sunnyrack.com or call us +86 2589622571