Electric Mobile Racking For Warehouse Storage In China

Electric Mobile Racking system is an ideal warehouse solution,with high density utilization of storage facility floor space.It utilises up to 80% of the available cubic storage capacity and requires one aisle to access 100% of the pallets available. Electric Mobile Racking System is particularly cost effective in cold storage application as well as conventional Selective Pallet Racking System.

Features of Electric Mobile Racking:

1.Maximum of warehouse floor space,only with one operating aisle.

2.Increase storage capacity by up to 80%,and access to each pallet 100%.

3.It can direct access goods through the forklift , ingress and egress is unrestricted .

4. Applicable industries : cold storage, anti-explosion storage; warehouse high storage utilization.

Electric Mobile Racking storage system finished on October,project show and details as follows:

Upright height:3225mm; Frame depth:1000mm;Upright section:90*70*2.0.

Beam length:2300mm;Bean section:100*50*1.5.

Pallet size:W1200*D1000*H1000;

Load capacity:1000kg/pallet;2 pallets each layer.

Width of operating aisle:3500mm.