Drive In Rack In Cold Storage Application

Drive in rack system is ideal for reaching similar products of SKUs with high-idensity storage achieved within smaller areas,and it is typically preferred for cold storage applications since increased palletized products are able to utilize the expensive freeer space.

Drive in rack system advantages:

High density storage rack system

Allows for clearance of lift truck as you drive into the rack system

Most cost effective, high-density storage rack

Multiple configuration possibilities available in roll form or structural materials.

LIFO/FIFO (last in, first out/first in, first out) configurations

Reduces space, cuts cost, and holds more loads with its deep lane storage

High volume, low SKU

Eliminates the need for multiple aisles

Provides control over entry and exit

Favors density as opposed to the selectivity of Selective Pallet Rack

Designed specifically to suit your pallets and forklifts

Drive in rack system considerations:

The depth of the drive in rack system is only restricted on the available space and the quantity and size of the pallets.A wide variety of heights and depths are available to meet any storage requirement.

The height of the system is limited by the height of the building and the maximum lift of the truck and the pallet size.

The front column should be reinforced with a double column which will help against damage of trucks.

It is critical to have quality wooden pallets where the bottom boards are not damaged and of a consistent size so that they can be safely stored in the system.

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