Double Deep Pallet Racking to Store Two Deep For High Density Capacity

Double deep pallet racking is a derivative to heavy duty selective pallet rack.It maintain a high number of picking faces and 

increase warehouse storage density.By storing pallets two deep,much higher warehouse density can be achieved,while workers 

are avaliable to access stock easily and relatively fast.which make it success to high capacity storage volume and selectivity.

Two deep pallet rack,means a front and a back pallet.In order to access the back pallet,a special forklifts will be used with the 

pallet rack system to place and retrieve pallets from the second slot in the racks.Commonly,the forllift will be fitted with a 

pantograph mechanism specially designed to reach the back pallet.

Double deep pallet racking is an excellent way to improve storage density when multiple pallets of the same SKU .It provides a 

reasonable stock rotation on a First-in Last-out .

Advantages of Double deep pallet racking system:

1)Increase storage density compare to Selective pallet  rack/Singel deep pallet racking.

2)Average stock usage of floor area utilization.

3)Upper levels can be fitted with guide rails to assist in locating pallets.