Double Deep Pallet Racking For More Storage

The Double Deep Pallet Rack is designed to stock two pallets deep or four pallets deep in a double entry rack to suit most warehouse conditions. Double entry racks reduce the aisle to rack ratio but also reduce pallet selectivity to increase storage density. With a floor utilization capacity of 60%, this system offers optional storage accessories for awkward and non-standard loads. It gives a 50% immediate accessibility and an average stock rotation performance. But It is important to note that the Double Deep racking system requires the use of a special reach truck or an attachment fitted to the standard reach truck. Best Suited For: SKU's with several pallets of inventory that are not highly perishable and do not require FIFO inventory rotation.

Double Deep Pallet Rack is best suited for:

1.Companies that have a limited range of products in large or very large numbers, i.e., medium number of SKUs, distributed in medium or high volumes.

2.Stock with medium to long shelf-life. Employs ‘Last In First Out’ (LIFO) principle which makes it unsuitable for storing items with short shelf-life.

Extensively Used In Cold storage, Paper, F&B, Manufacturing, Distribution centres and dry store industries.

The illustration below shows a much higher storage capacity with Double Deep Racking compared to Selective Pallet Racking.