Domestic Storage Shelves Industry Is Developing Rapidly

Domestic storage shelves industry is developing rapidly

After entering the 21st century, China's shelf enterprises continue to develop, only one place in Beijing, 90 years have one or two, and by 2004, Beijing's shelf company jumped to 30 to 40 distribution, open speed Can be imagined. The development of integrated storage shelves summed up the following characteristics:

With the transition period of China's accession to the WTO, the world-renowned logistics companies, logistics companies, shelves work is also beautiful landing in China. Although the shelf work is still in China during the Enlightenment, but with the work of foreign troops stationed, there must be some new features.

First of all, now China's shelf work a single technology, and did not constitute the corresponding work norms, the work area relative to the meeting, the demand unit only need not choose the same opportunities for shelf suppliers, and there is no chance to choose not the same shelf, because the nationwide Inside the shelf work products are the same. And abroad with the work stationed, there must be a shelf product quality differences. Then the game will be very intense.

Second, with the foreign capital to write more Chinese shopping malls, must cause the company to continue to add standardized operation, trekking benefits from the logistics of this third profit source to proceed, constantly adding people will gradually know the need for shelves, each The company's demand for shelves is also growing.

Again, all the open, will bring the demand for lax, there are all within the country, it must cause the shelf work from today's meeting gradually to the national lax.

Now the domestic awareness of the shelf work is not high, there are many places such as the Northwest, do not understand the shelves, do not know how to shelves, still do not know their needs during the period. But with the Chinese economy continues to open, people understand the logistics for the deeper, the demand for shelves will be bang accumulation of tired.

Maintenance of Routine Maintenance Routes

(1) clean and timely detection of through the impact of the product through the external force of the mechanical deformation occurred in time to replace the safe and secure shelf parts, in accordance with the safety of the first criteria in the cleaning process in time to detect security risks, timely processing to ensure safe and efficient storage The

(2) correction with a professional level of three-dimensional positioning tool, accurate record through the shelf state, and then effective correction, to ensure the carrying capacity and security of the shelf.

(3) strict implementation of the safe use of the rules, not exceed the limit, super line, ultra storage density, to ensure the safety performance of storage procedures.

(4) through the shelf maintenance period of one year.

(5) The maintenance contents of the through-type shelves are the conventional contents such as the fastening test of the fastener, the vertical measurement of the column, and the measurement of the damaged parts. If the column is broken (broken) need to make the overall determination. System maintenance based on measurement data.