Difference Between The Main Shelf And The Additional Shelf In Warehouse Storage?

The storage shelves are divided into main shelves and additional shelves. What is the difference between them?

A: In the shelf industry, shelves are usually divided into main shelves and additional shelves. Because modern shelf can generally be shared, that is, for example, two sets of shelves, which are connected to each other, the first shelf needs posts on the left and right sides and can be used independently,we call it the main shelving and the second shelving connected. 

One of the columns does not need to be used, and is directly installed on the column of the first shelf. Only one side of the column is needed, which we call the additional shelving. It can be seen that the main shelving has posts on both sides, and the additional shelving has only one post on one side. 

The main shelving can be used separately, and the additional shelving can not be used or moved separately. It needs to be connected with other shelves of the same type and the same type.

A number of shelves are joined together in a row, each shelf requires only one main shelving, and the rest are additional shelving. If the venue permits, the middle is not disconnected, then the main and additional shelves can be connected indefinitely. How many rows (groups) can be divided into how many main shelves are in the shelf.

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