Conventional Pallet Racking System,selective Pallet Rack.

Conventional Pallet Racking Systems generally store palletized products in warehouses with a wide range of load types. This is 

the most convenient system of racking is goods can easily be removed as each pallet can be accessed without the need to shift 

the other pallet. 

Sunnyrack is one of the leading suppliers of industrial strength pallet racking in China. With a large variety of racking systems 

available, a uniquely designed solution can be easily supplied to match your specific storage requirements.The key to a 

successful stores operation is an efficient warehouse layout that contains enough storage capacity to cope with demand during 

busy periods.

Selective Pallet Rack Systems are composed of uprights, also called frames, that are punched with holes to allow for the 

connection to step beams. Selective Pallet Rack Systems utilize an assortment of accessories such as wire decking, spacers 

and more! Selective Pallet Rack Systems can be engineered and customized differently depending on the warehouse structure. 

Selective Pallet Rack Systems can be designed for multiple uses for inventory that need to be accessed quickly and rotated or to 

handle heavy loads.