Comparisons Among Shuttle Racking System / Drive-in Rack And Push Back Rack


Shuttle racking system consists of the shuttles and racking system.Forklift trucks are required to load,offload,lift the shuttles and goods to the specific location.

Pallets loaded with goods will be stored and retrieved by the shuttles automatically at each level.Just press one button,the shuttle can carry the goods to the designated location .

Drive-in rack system

With its most competitive cost,drive in rack is one of the most popular racking system in the field.Nearly 60% or 70% space in the warehouse or distribution centers will be utilized when installing the drive in rack.Products placed on the drive in rack will be stored first and picked up last(FILO).Therefore,drive in rack can be used for the products with single or a few varieties


Push back rack system

Different from the drive in rack and shuttle radio rack,push back rack with its unique design,consists of frames,frame spacers,beams and special movable carts.Depending on the depth of the system,several carts should install in each tunnel.The second pallet pushes the first pallet in the tunnel,and the third pallet pushes the second pallet in and so on.When the pallet close to the aisle will be taken out,the second pallet can go out the tunnel automatically by the inclination of each level. Products will be handled through first in last out(FILO) mode.Less forklifts will be required,almost 60% space can be utilized.Safety is assured due to the unique design of the carts.