Common Pallet Racking Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to warehouse storage solutions, pallet racks are considered the most efficient and effective option. Utilised by companies throughout the world, these structures are found in fulfilment companies, commercial operations, retail outlets and manufacturing facilities.

Chances are the pallet racks that you see have been carefully designed and chosen to meet the specific requirements of that facility. However, in some cases, the process of purchasing storage solutions is rushed and the wrong system ends up being installed. There are also times when the right system was installed, but proper training has not been given to employees on how to use the system, resulting in unnecessary equipment damage.

Here’s a list of common mistakes to avoid when purchasing and using a pallet racking system.

1)Climbing Pallet Racks

2)Overloading Warehouse Racking Systems

3)Not Preventing Pallet Rack Damage

4)Overlooking Height to Depth Ratio

5)Purchasing Used Racking on Impulse