Collapsible Wire Mesh Container With Galanvized Finish

Industrial storage galanvized steel foldable wire mesh container,designed to utilize the space of saving of fold down baskets with 

the durability of rigid containers.Widely used for storing materials in factories and warehouses. It consitss of wire container,made 

of rigid wire mesh,fabricated from standard mild steel bar frames filled with welded mesh panels and electro zinc plated finish.

Features of Wire mesh containers:

--Customized cubic foot containers fold down for easy storage.

--High corrosion resistance.

--Clearance on all four sides to allow for lifting of containers with pallet truck or forklift.

Sunnyrack foldable,stackable and reusable wire mesh containers offer the best value in the industry. 

we are so proud of the quality and specifications of our standard,durable zinc plated finish,optional casters,lids and dividers avaliable. 

Please contact us for information on production and other issues.You can also review our wire mesh containers example of the images below.