Cold Room Storage Warehouse Rack System

Sunnyrack Manufacturing Co.,Ltd supply a range of high quality warehouse rack solutions for cold storage,freezer rooms and cold 

rooms.High density storagre is very important in all freezer warehouse space .Sunnyrack's pallet racking system solutions  make 

maximun use of warehouse space,and it is avaliable for most cold storage applications.including Selective pallet racking,VNA 

pallet racking,Shuttle racking system,Drive in racking ,Push back racking etc.

Cost-effective storage and temperature control are the important steps to the operation of a successful  and profitable cold 

storage warehouse.Cold rooms must be designed with racking storage which minimize doors and allow for effective access to 

main aisles and complete air flow. Besides,The density of storage offered by these racking systems also aids in temperature 

control:the more compactly the products are stored,the more efficiently the temperature can be maintained inside the warehouse

Sunnyrack Manufacturing Co.,Ltd will help you find the most efficient and reliable warehouse storage for your cold room or freezer