China Top Manufacturer Of Storage Pallet Rack System

Storage pallet rack system are steel warehouse storage structures which supply easy access to inventory stacked in multiple 

layers. Pallet rack offer optimum storage density and easy acess to inventory.

Storage pallet rack system structure:

1.The upright frames have holes at regular intervals for easy connection to the step beams. Most storage pallet rack system use 

spacers, ties, wire mesh decks and braces to stabilize the structure and provide a secure storage platform.

2.Cost-effective — in general, Storage pallet rack system is the least expensive rack option available on the market.

3.Ease of assembly — Storage pallet rack system is assembled much like rivet shelving, but on a larger scale. Most types of 

pallet rack beams simply loc

4.Reduced handling time — forklift operators can quickly and easily load or unload pallets from Storage pallet rack system.

From Storage pallet rack system and bulk storage to selective and cantilever racks, we have the right rack and accessories for 

the job. We work closely with you to plan, design, develop and deploy the solutions that optimally achieve your goals. Organize 

and store everything in your warehouse from large pallets to small bins.