China Sunnyrack Radio Shuttle Racking System For Pallets; Space-saving Storage For Large Quantities Of Goods

Radio Shuttle Racking System is a semi-automated high-denstity storage system,with using shuttle cart to move in the chanel back and forth for transportation,forklift pick up at the end.

Nowadays Radio Shuttle Racking System is becoming more and more popular,follwoing list some main reasons for this development.

1.In industries with continuous growth, such as the cold storage,food industry and beverage industry, the need for efficient solutions has steadily increased in recent years.Company are facing consistently increasing handling rates,meanwhile the delivery times are becoming shorter and shorter. 

Such requirements define the demands on future storage systems. Everything has to become more compact, faster and more efficient. Radio Shuttle Racking System is extremely efficient in terms of volume utilization.

2.Another important aspect is the high ROI factor. In addition to relative low investment costs for installation, the running costs of such a warehouse during the operational phase represent a very economic solution. 

Radio Shuttel Racking System,In practice it help to create maximum use of the storage and simplifies loading and unloading of goods.

The pallets can be stored multiple deep in the channels,Most of the work is carried out by shuttle vehicles. They travel straight into the channels, pick up the pallets and transport them to the storage and retrieval machines. These then carry the goods to the pre-storage area. The shuttle can be placed in different roadways through a forklift, and multiple roadways can share a shuttle. The number of shuttles is determined by a combination of factors such as roadway depth, total cargo volume, shipment volume, and frequency of shipments

Radio Shuttel Racking System,is a highly competitive sector. When considering the current trends, there is no alternative to the usage of flexible shuttle systems operating independently from carrier vehicles.  The advantage of such a concept is that the time consuming storage movements within the channels are fully autonomous. The storage and retrieval machine only needs to pick up the pallets one at a time.This reduces or even eliminates the waiting times during which the storage and retrieval system is positioned in front of the channel, since the shuttles operate at a much greater frequency