China Factory Manufactured Steel Mezzanine Floors

Sunnyrack is expert in designing and installing mezzanine floors or levels to maxmize customer's warehouse space in the most cost effective way.

We offer 2 types of mezzanine floors,called Rack supported mezzanine or Steel platform.Steel platform is customized design and creates an open floor underneath the mezzanine level.Beams can be specified to carry much larger weight and span more than double the rack supported beams to give it an overakk clearer floor space. With rack supported mezzanine flooors multi-tier installtion can be creaed using both steel platforms and  raised storage areas supported by shelving for addtional storage of bulk goods,office space or elevated storeroonms.

With steel platform you can have installations with spans of up to 10 meters and a loading capacity of 800 kg/m² enabling you to use pallet trucks,order picking trolleys,all your maximum weights and dimensions will be taken into account when calculating the structurer. Conveyors for dispacthcing packets to the order preparation area can be integrated into your storage platform.

With Rack supported mezzanine you create 2 independent storagr areas and increase your storage capacity.A free-standing system consist of upright,beam and steel floor plus handrails,walkways,industrial staircase.......

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