Characteristics And Purchase Considerations Of Heavy-duty Attic Platforms

Heavy Duty Attic Mezzanine Platform,which usually use medium-sized shelf shelves or heavy-duty shelf shelves as the main body and floor slab support (decide which shelf to choose according to the total load of the unit shelf), the floor slab is usually cold-rolled steel floor slab, pattern steel floor slab or steel grid Floor. This type of system has many applications in the auto parts field, automotive 4S shops, light industry, electronics and other industries

It is usually equipped with stairs, hydraulic lifts or elevators, or the goods are transported upstairs by forklifts. The installation and disassembly are convenient and flexible, and can be flexibly designed into two-layer and three-layer lofts according to the site and needs.

1. Fully assembled structure, free combination, movable, adjustable, detachable, simple and flexible; multiple uses (office, production, service, storage);

2. The material section of the column, main beam and auxiliary beam is optimized, the bearing capacity is strong, and the overall structure is stable.

3. The surface is treated with electrostatic powder spraying, and the appearance is beautiful.

4. It can be flexibly designed into two-story or multi-story shelving according to actual site requirements. It is suitable for storing many varieties and small batches of goods, making full use of space.

Kind Reminder:

Production: From the selection of the tool holder to the stamping, the specifications must be very precise, and then the surface treatment, whether it is completed by pickling and phosphating, anti-rust treatment, electrostatic spraying and spraying treatment, etc. , A few steps will be omitted. When purchasing, be sure to confirm whether these steps are available, otherwise the shelf life will be reduced.

Warehouse design and shelf design:

1. The relationship between warehouse shelves and beams. Shelf is a storage tool used to access goods, so the maximum height of the shelf can not exceed the beam;

2. The withstand weight and flatness of the floor. The bottom piece of the shelf should be firmly on the location board, and the total weight of the shelf will be about a few tons, so the bearing capacity and flatness of the floor must be considered;

3. Lighting and fire prevention facilities in the warehouse. The shelves are all designed in the warehouse, and the lighting facilities and fire boxes must be effectively avoided in order to design the shelf placement. Only in this way can the goods be accessed very well.

4. The specifications of the goods and the reservation of the passage. The distance between the beams and the distance between the shelves should be designed according to the actual cargo. The total height of the shelf is also closely related to the height, width and weight of the goods. The distance between the shelves is commonly known as the shelf channel, which is the channel for forklifts and personnel to walk and access the goods. It must be designed according to the actual situation.