Automatic Racking System For PAP Corps In China

Sunnyrack success to provide AS/RS storage racking system in the year of 2016,also called Automated Racking System,for one Pap Corps in Hefei,China.Which already achieved much appreciation because of our profession and top good after-sale serivice.

The warehouse area size L51000*W30600*H19000(mm).AS/RS System can achieve automatic loading and unloading and computer management for each pallet cargos.Base on the customer's storage requirements,including load capacity,diffirent pallet size,we try best to design most effective warehouse racking system.

Details about this Automatic Racking System as follows:

1)Pallet size W1200*L1500*H1170/1530/1670(mm),and there are totally 2628 pallet positions.

2)Load capacity of each pallet 600kg.

3)There are toally 10 layers vertically,which realize the maximum utilization and storage density.

4)Top upright post specification is H6285*120*95*2.5,the bottom upright is H9675*120*95*2.5.

5)It has 5 aisles in total,and 5 sets of Passage Stackers accordingly.

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