Are You Sure You’re Out Of Warehouse Space?

Running out of space does not only create a health and safety hazard but it is also causes more issues with the day-to-day operation of your warehouse. So what are your options? Here are a few useful tips:

Reduce Aisle Width:

Many warehouses can squeeze a lot more space from their existing building by converting to narrow aisles. A narrow aisle is generally 1.6m-2.0m wide and can accommodate reach trucks, pallet jacks, and VNA forklifts. This can typically increase overall warehouse capacity by as much as 30%, although standard reach trucks may need to be replaced with MHE specially designed to work in narrow aisles.

Rethink your warehouse layout:

When a warehouse was originally designed there probably wasn’t much thought put into future expansion, which can lead to many problems as you may be facing now… If you feel like you have already ran out of space or on the verge of running out, consider a new layout for your warehouse. This will take some time to plan so it is best to do so when you are expecting a quiet period.

Add Another Floor:

Depending on the design of your warehouse and the types of inventory you carry, it may even be possible to add one or more mezzanine floors to your warehouse.Although this method can make excellent use of vertical space which might otherwise hold nothing but air, it involves more investment than the other options covered here, and might even require structural improvements to the warehouse itself.Even so, if you think you can gain enough warehouse capacity through the use of mezzanine shelving, it may well be more affordable and realistic than moving to a larger facility.