Analysis Of Common Four Types Of Warehouse Shelves

Analysis of common four types of warehouse shelves

Warehouse shelves are essential for warehouse management, more and more private enterprises aware of the role of warehouse shelves and bring benefits, here for everyone to introduce four types of common warehouse shelves for your reference.

Layered shelf

The main components of the floor shelf are columns, beams, laminates, specific dimensions according to site restrictions and storage items planning and design, is ideal for storing the contents of the manual handling, each layer load capacity of 150-1000kg, but also in the board placed parts box , Cartons or turnover boxes, etc., to facilitate the storage of scattered items. Some manual storage, low warehouse users are commonly used in this shelf, production and installation convenience, short delivery time.

Pallet racks

Tray-type shelves are the main components of columns, beams, the goods are stored on the tray, and then stored on the shelves, is ideal for forklift auxiliary handling pallet cargo, each layer load capacity of up to 5 tons, planning and design, need to consider Tray size, forklift can enhance the highest height, the warehouse can use the net high. This type of shelf layer is highly adjustable, can adapt to changes in cargo packaging specifications, widely used in large quantities of storage warehouse.

Loft shelf

The main dimensions of the top shelf are generally about 2m, the floor spacing is usually 2.2m ~ 2.7m, the specific needs of the user and the actual situation, Load 300-500kg. Some manual storage, warehouse users are commonly used in this shelf, you can store on the first floor, the second floor office, can also be used to store, by the forklift, hydraulic lift or cargo ladder to transport the goods to the second and third floor.

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever frame The main components of the column, cantilever, cargo can be suspended in the cantilever, can also be tiled on the cantilever, very suitable for storage of plates, pipes, cables and irregular items, single arm load up to 1000kg, according to the actual situation OK, but the shelf is highly limited, usually below 6m. Some of the manual storage, forklift handling of the warehouse, are adapted to this shelf. The above is the common four kinds of warehouse shelves and application areas, the user should be based on their actual situation and demand choice.