A Brief Introduction To The Display Of Shelves

  A brief introduction to the display of shelves

  Shelf display is also very fastidious, if the shelf display is reasonable, then will greatly promote the sale of goods, but also easy for users to choose. There will certainly be many users on the shelves of the display is not very understanding, so small to give you a simple introduction to the shelves of the display.

  I. Arrangement of shelves

  1. Shelf Display Method Vertical arrangement: Every a goods will be with the sight of high position, according to the size of the commodity packaging to do the most effective space utilization, greatly improve the space utilization is also very important, through vertical arrangement method can be very good solution to this problem.

  2, shelf display method horizontal arrangement: Only one product can have with the sight of high position, easy to cause confusion of the exhibition surface, can not be adjusted according to the size of the package. Easy to create a waste of space, of course, if for the mall Lai Shu or need to choose this method, can be very good for a certain product display, promote sales.

  Second, the shelf card effect

  In the shelves on display with card effect will be better, be good at using the shelf card with merchandise display, promote sales increase. The application effect of different label cards is shown below.

  (1) Advertising Letter Letter card: Advertising message + Brand

  (2) Product Identification card: Brand + Profit point

  (3) Full information Mark Card: Brand + Benefit point 10 price

  (4) Medium size card: If more money-saving specials

  (5) Price Reduction Information Indicator Card: Original price, Special offer