5 Essential Warehouse Safety Tips In The Warehouse Racking System

The racking system in your warehouse serves as the entire framework for your operation.

Racks enable warehouses to maximize their use of space and organize products efficiently while allowing easy access for streamlined picking.

In order to use the rackin system correctly and extend the storage racking's life spans,here are 5 tips to Improve Warehouse Productivity.

1.Avoid overloading: The goods weight of each layer have to keep correspondence with the max load capacity in design.

2.Avoid of crash by forklift: Operator must be careful when driving and picking.

3.Use the proper pallet on the rack,some type pallet is only appropriate for ground using.

4.Use Proper Stacking:Make sure that all stacking is done evenly, with the heaviest items on the bottom.

5.Use Proper Lighting:. Having a well-lit warehouse can drastically reduce accident.