4S Store Automotive Spare Parts Storage Shelves

The auto spare parts rack also called 4S shop rack and auto parts rack, used to storage the diffirent automotive car spare parts 

.The auto parts rack can be divided into diffirent kinds of rack,because there will be varities spare parts in automobile 

industry.Including tire rack,car doors rack,glass rack,bumper rack,oil rack,fender  rack,hanging rack,etc.  From the structure 

diffirence,The 4S spare parts rack can be designed  2 types: Mediumd duty rack which shelve with loading capacity 200-400kg 

each layer and Mezzanine rack or Attic rack.

Sunnyrack Manufacturing Co.,Ltd  can provide professional design of 4S car spare parts rack,which could make your 4S stores 

more clean,tidy and effective management.  

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