4-Way Shuttle Rack System Will Make Your Warehouse Smarter,More Efficient And More Economical

At present,most of shuttle vehicles on the market can only perform linear motion,but the 4-way shuttle vehicle is similar to an intelligent robot.it’s connected to the WMS system through a wireless network and can go to any cargo location with the elevator.So this is real 3D shuttle rack system.


The features of 4-way shuttle rack:

1,4-way shuttle rack is mainly used for automatic handing and transportation of cargo in the warehouse.

2,Accessing goods and changing lanes and layers automatically,intelligent leveling and automatic climbing and can reach any cargo position directly.

3,Can be exercised on the track or on the ground,don’t limited by site,road and slope,fully reflects its automatic and flexibility.

4,Muti-layer technology can expand and meet all the customer’s requirements to achieve highly dynamic cargo to person picking.

5,Each lane can be flexible stored a large number of different cargo.

6,Equipped with separated lifts and conveyors for shuttle vehicles,which can be sorted without additional buffer.

7,Four units can be transported at the same time which can improve the efficient greatly.

8,The system can reach a height of 24mts,which can maximize your vertical space.

9,It’s a automatic muti-functional intelligent handling equipment.


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