2*40'HQ Containers Delivery To South America

     On Christmas Eve 2016,SUNNYRACK load 2*40'HQ containers which will be deivery to South             America.Thease 2 containers would be sent to diffirent warehouse in Brazil.

     Heavy duty Pallet rack with Wire mesh decking for Warehouse 1,products details as following:

     1.Upright with section 90*70.Quantity 240pcs.

     2.Box beam with section 80*50.Quantity 720pcs.

     3.Wire mesh decking L1140*D1005.Quantity 720pcs.

     Warehouse shelving rack project with Steel decking for Warehouse 2.

     1.Upright with same section 90*70.Total amount 180pcs.

     2.Step beam with section 80*50.Total amount 990pcs.

     3.Powder coating Steel decking L1141*D947*H28.Total amount 990pcs.






      Powder coating steel decking and Wire mesh decking