12 40HC Containers Load With Drive In Rack,dispatch To GCC Country

From 9th to 12th April,12*40HC containers to be loaded,all products for a Drive in rack project used in frozen warehouse temperature -30~-35℃.




Following the detailed specification of dirve in rack:

Frame H11175*D1050/ H9900*D1050

Top beam L1470*80*50

Back beam L1470*100*50

Connect bar L1050*60*40

Pallet rail L3150

Top bar L1730

Safety beam L3700

Rail guide L3150

Drive in rack designed for stock of homogenous goods.. For different warehousing management purposes, the system could be settled by First-In-Last-Out (FILO) mode or First-In-First-Out (FIFO) mode.FILO mode is suitable for the goods with long-term or no expiration warranty, such as electrical products, clothes and shoes, office supplies, tobacco etc., and the FIFO mode is usually applied for short-time validation products with pack-to-deliver purpose in manufacture warehousing facilities, such as pharmaceutical products, food and drinks etc.

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