Warehouse Steel Rack Supported Mezzanine Rack System

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Mezzanine rack introduction:

Mezzanine rack system is designed for high Warehouse,allow us to maximum the warehouse height,also double or triple the cube area,to increase warehouse storage capacity.


Steel structure mezzanine rack features:

1)Rack supported mezzanine can increase the height of storage and space usage.

2)Steel floor could be decked with flat plate,checkered plate,steel grating,perforated plate,plywood etc.

3)Mezzanine racking use upright frame as the support column,steel shelf panel with adjustable layers,easy to install.

4)Installed as 2-3 layers with staircase and lift.Lift, and stair access are more restrictive than ground-floor storage access options, and you will not be able to take a forklift or pallet truck to higher tiers in most cases.




Mezzanine racking system is customized to fit your exact area, height, color and load requirements. Mezzanine floor racking is suitable to stock goods with small bulks,

Various kinds of types. When planning a mezzanine to your storage,keep in mind that reserve sufficient access points for both storage operations and emergency exits. It is important to deploy sufficiently heavy duty racking for the support of mezzanine structures, and all edges and stairs should feature handrails to avoid accidental falls.

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