Steel Structure Mezzanine Floor Racking Storage System

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Product Details

Product details´╝Ü

Mezzanine floor racking system add a second d or third level inside your facility to create more usable space.Storage steel mezzanine floor racking is customized to fit your exact area, height, and load requirements. The bottom shelves support the upper platform. Taking full advantage of the vertical space, it is a typical application for manual picking goods.


Mezzanine floor racking features:

The steel mezzanine racking is extensively used in the condition of high warehouse, small goods, and manual access. It can make full use of the space and save the area of the warehouse.

The steel mezzanine racking is safe and easy to install due to the scientific design.

The flooring can be designed into the open plank or grating plate, to meet the requirement for lighting and fire fighting, compared to corrugated steel plates or grates with lath and lentil form.

The steel mezzanine racking is suitable to store a large variety of goods.


Mezzanine floor racking details:

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