Rack Supported Multi Layer Steel Structure Mezzanine Racking

Product Details

Product Introduction

Rack Supported Multi Layer Steel Structure Mezzanine Racking is a design combination that uses space for more than two layers. When the floor area of the plant is limited, it can be used for three-dimensional planning and effectively make full use of space. To put it simply, steel beams and metal plates are used to separate the original storage areas. Each floor can be placed with different types of shelves, and the shelf structure has the function of supporting the upper floors. This kind of racking is a kind of shelf type commonly used in enterprise storage. The platform is constructed to maximize the storage location of the warehouse and can be combined with conventional shelves to maximize the effective use of the warehouse space. Rack Supported Multi Layer Steel Structure Mezzanine Racking uses heavy-duty shelves plus floor as the main support panel (determine which shelf is determined according to the total weight of the negative shelf unit). The appearance of the board is usually wood or cold-rolled steel gusset.

Product Feature:

Rack Supported Multi Layer Steel Structure Mezzanine Racking is usually designed into two or three layers. It is a typical application for manual picking goods, taking full advantage of the space. Also  it is usually designed with stairs. According to customer's need, some other auxiliary facilities will be equipped for the system, such as elevator, hoisting machine, conveying belt and etc. It is widely used in high warehouses, small commodities, manual passages, and in the case of large situations, starting from a small space for use. And it is especially suitable for product classification and preservation of auto parts, electronics, light industry, clothing and other enterprises.

Mezzanine racking effect picture: 



Technical Description:

1.The floors are usually made of cold rolling steel, with many advantages, such as strong, good integrity, good uniform load, etc.
2. Floors could be flat plate, checkered plate, hollow-out plate and grid plate.
3. The loading capacity of the floors is usually 300kg-1000kg per square meters.
4. Considering fully about the use convenience for people and machines, the distance between two floors is 2.2m-3m, the height of the top level racks is around 2m.

Diffirent floor and panel options for Mezzanine racking:

1.Flat foor



2.Hollow-out floor


3.Checkered floor


4.Steel grating



5.Panel:Wire mesh decking; Galvanized steel decking; Plywood; Powder coating steel panel



Mezzanine racking design drawing:  


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