Adjustable Steel Decking Rack Supported Mezzanine Shelf Floor Racking

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Adjustable Steel Decking Rack Supported Mezzanine Shelf Floor Racking

Mezzanine Rack takes the multi-tier rack structure. It can be designed into multi-floor (usually 2-3 layer), with stairs, handrails and cargo lift, etc.. Floor panel usually used cold-rolled steel floor with mutual buckle type structure. It can be equipped with lighting system. The load capacity of each level shelf is usually within 500 kg, while the loading of floor panel is between 300-1000kgs per square meter.

mezzanine 产品二细节图 (1)

mezzanine 产品二细节图 (2)

mezzanine 产品二细节图 (3)

Advantages of the multi-layers mezzanine racking :

1) Color and size can be extended and adjusted according to you requirement;

2) High quality and good appearance;

3) Easy to install and dismantle;

4)This type of rack has good loading ability and can be assembled and disesteemed easily;

5)Apply to handle the medium goods by manpower;

6)The reliable and efficient service before and after deal.


Production process:

Material preparing-cutting-bending-rolling-punching-polishing-welding-acid washing-spray painting-packing-inspection-storage


mezzanine racking 通用1 (1)mezzanine racking 通用1 (2)

Please inform us the listed questions in your inquiry for quick quotation:

A) The warehouse outline drawing

B) The size of Mezzanine

C) The size of Mezzanine rack (length*width*height)

D) The layers of each rack

E) The loading capacity of each layer

F) The RAL color you want