Manufacturing capability

 Our company has advanced and comprehensive logistic storage equipment production lines, which allows us to the production capability of 3000 Ton per month.

 a. Two steel belt automatic punch lines.

 b. Four upright post rolling lines:

 They are used to roll following upright posts : 55、80、90、100 、120 and etc.

 c. Four beams forming lines:

 They are used to roll following beams :50、 60、80、100、110 、120、140 、160 and etc.

 d. One automatic powder spraying product line(using Swiss technique), the whole length of which is 198 meters.

 e. 40 sets of CO2 welding machines, the brand is OCT.

 f. 20 sets of Sheet metal Processing equipments.

 g. More than 15sets of general processing equipments to make all the accessories.

Upright post rolling line 

Beam rolling line

Powder coating spraying line 

Powder coating spray line

Finished products

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