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Q235B Steel Medium Duty Shelving Rack From China Supplier

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Product Details

Product Description:

Medium Duty Shelving Rack designed for storage areas where goods are handled manually, instead of being transported on a pallet.It is easy for install in dismantling without any screw thread connector for 200-600kg per layer, it is widely used in supermarket, store, and other enterprises.


Product name

Medium Duty Steel Shelving Rack





Standard Size

W1500×D500×H1500mm           W1500×D500×H2000mm

W1800×D500×H1800mm           W1800×D500×H2000mm

W2000×D600×H1800mm           W2000×D600×H2000mm

W2200×D600×H2000mm           W2200×D600×H2200mm

W2400×D700×H2200mm           W2400×D700×H2400mm

W2600×D800×H2400mm           W2600×D800×H2600mm

W2800×D900×H2600mm           W2800×D900×H2800mm

W3000×D1000×H2800mm         W3000×D1000×H3000mm

W3000×D1000×H3500mm         W3000×D1000×H4000mm

Load capacity

200kg/layer, 300kg/layer, 500kg/layer, 600kg/layer

Raw Material



200KG, 300KG, 500KG, 700KG, 1000KG


Product Specifications:

1.50mm pitch;
2.Fast and and very easy to assemble
3.modular design with a boltfee lock-in system
4.Medium duty shelving


Product Pictures:



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