Heavy duty mezzanine racking

High space utilization heavy duty mezzanine racking

A three-layer heavy duty mezzanine racking project successfully finished in Melbourne Australia.

Height of this mezzanine racking is 6900mm. It requires 1000kg per layer for the beam and 1000kg/sqm for the floor. To meet the load requirement, we choose 100*50 box beam equipped wire decking for goods storage and steel grating for the floor. Wire decking and steel grating can not only meet the load requirement, but also make the warehouse in good light and fire protection.

This mezzanine racking also equipped with back mesh and side mesh for the racks besides the passage, it can avoid goods falling to ensure the warehouse storage safety.

Mezzanine racking can maxmize the vertical space utilization, it can double or triple the floor area. Mezzanine racking is widely used in high warehouse with many types of goods but small bulks. It is a typical application for manual storage.