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Warehouse Storage Steel Drive in Racking

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Product Details

Product details:

Warehouse Drive in racking is used for forklift to drive into the channel and access pallets,widely used in industry of small variety but large quantities.It is suggested that no more than 7 pallet positions depth because of forklift truck need enter into the rack to pick up or out goods. Guide rails can be selected if want to improve forlift driving speed.

Drive in racking is an often-used and dense storage system. Compared with normal pallet racking,    it has more space utilization. Forklift need to drive though the aisles to    pick up and load goods. Goods are stored and moved out from the same side, or    done from the opposite side in accordance with the FIFO principle, which is    especially suitable for standard goods units.

Basic Information


drive in racking




Q235B Cold-roll    Steel

Basic Components

Upright&Corbel&Corbel    Railing

Loading Capacity


Upright Section(mm)


Corbel Railing(mm)




Surface Treatment

Electrostatic Spray    Surface;


Anti-rust,Corrosion    protection;


10 years




Features of the Warehouse Storage Steel Drive In Racking

1. Drive-in racking is also called corridor-type racking, composite structure, specialized high-intensity drive-in brackets, high-strength drive-in beam, frames are connected to top beams by bolts & nuts.

2. High-rate space utilization; almost twice higher more than that of Pallet Racking

3. The drive-in racking should be equipped with back, top cross beams, etc. to stabilize the racks.

4. This type of racking is densely arrayed, making full use of storage space; Both "first in first out" and "first in late out" are available, suitable for storing few types of goods with large quantity.

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