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Industrial Storage Filo Type Heavy Duty Drive in Rack

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Industrial Storage Filo Type Heavy Duty Drive In Rack

For cost-effective, high-density storage, Drive-in racking is often the choice.Drive in rack consists of upright frame, pallet rail, single and double side arm, top beam, back beam, single and double side spacer, big and small top bracing, guide rail, upright protector and so on.


Product Feature:  

1. Drive-in rack needs less passages, the space utilization can be improved by 30% to 70-80%. 
2. Suitable for storing goods with large quantities but few varities, especially for standard goods. 
3. Widely used in high-cost warehouse, like cold warehouse, food beverage warehouse etc. The cost can be mended by the improved space utilizaiton.

Technical Description: 
1. Drive-in rack components: frame, top back beam, top back bracing, row spacer, corbel, support beam. 
2. Forklift needs to drive through the aisles to pick up an load goods, FIFO and FILO both are available. 
3. To improve the storage efficiency, the single side depth should be within 8 pallets, and double side depth should be within 15 pallets. 
4. Load capacity for per pallet should be within 1500kg, height is better within 10m. 
5. First level pallets can be placed on the floor to save cost


Drive-in rack system design drawing:



Drive in rack system considerations:

The depth of the drive in rack system is only restricted on the available space and the quantity and size of the pallets.A wide variety of heights and depths are available to meet any storage requirement.

The height of the system is limited by the height of the building and the maximum lift of the truck and the pallet size.

The front column should be reinforced with a double column which will help against damage of trucks.

It is critical to have quality wooden pallets where the bottom boards are not damaged and of a consistent size so that they can be safely stored in the system.


Dirve in rack Project picture´╝Ü



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