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Drive-In Rack is installed in warehouses and distribution centers that require cost-effective, high-density storage solutions for their pallets and products. Due to its design, the drive-in tray rack is a first in, first out (FILO) storage system. The drives on the shelves are best used with a large number of similar products that are not time sensitive to maximize the use of warehouse space. Keeping warehouse access to a minimum with a walk-in rack typically allows users to achieve twice or more storage capacity.

Drive-In Rack offers a high density of pallet storage with low selectivity. Consequently, it is ideal for product with a high number of pallets per SKU. This racking consists of a series of tunnels with rails on either side at multiple levels that supports the pallet. Since Drive-In Rack can be subject to more abuse than Selective rack, rack integrity and strength are essential.


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Drive In racking systems efficiently store large quantities of similar loads by allowing the forklift driver to enter the rack system and place the load on structural rails. The lift truck can enter the rack from one side to pick up or pull out pallets because the pallets can slide backwards on a continuous rail. While forklifts can drive into the rack to access pallets 2 or more deep, the size of your facility may limit the depth of storage for a bay.

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