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Sunnyrack Pipe Rack System For Warehouse

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Product Introduction

Sunnyrack Pipe Rack System For Warehouse is suitable for storing long materials, ring materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods. The cantilever storage shelf columns are mostly made of H-shaped steel or cold-rolled steel; The arms adopts square tube and cantilever shelf; The base is made of cold rolled steel or H-shaped steel. The cantilever and the column are connected by Plug-in or bolt-on. The base and the column are connect with bolts. Our Sunnyrack Pipe Rack System For Warehouse can be single-sided or double-sided, and the cantilevered shelf has the characteristics of stable structure, good load capacity and high space utilization. With no front pillars, the cantilever frame is faster and easier to handle than a selective pallet rack, reducing processing time and cost.


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Our Sunnyrack Pipe Rack System For Warehouse has several features to make it more efficient and economical. It can be easier to use with no front column in the way, and faster to load and unload with lowering handling time and costs. It is more flexible because loads may be placed anywhere along the entire length of a row on a cantilever rack. It is more compact. The lack of a front column saves horizontal space and provides more abundant handling clearance. It is more selective that any load or storage slot is immediately accessible. It is more economical. Both reduced handling time and increased space utilization make cantilever racks more cost-efficient and its load length increased. It is more adaptable because Cantilever racks can store nearly any type of load long, bulky, or oddly-shaped.


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Our advantages on cantilever rack: 

1, Quick and easy assembly 

2, Powder coat baked polyester finish 

3, Interchangeable pallet rack design

4, Cold rolled steel

5, Integrated beam connector safety locks 

6, strong bearing capacity

7, A big scale of output allows us in a good position to control lower product costs on a basis of same high quality level.

8, A wide range of different racking types to suit different storage needs.

9, Free but expert advice & proposed racking solutions for your kind reference.

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