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Powder Coating Finish Warehouse Vertical Storage Cantilever Racks

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Product Description:

This kind of Powder Coating Finish Warehouse Vertical Storage Cantilever Rack adopts a fully assembled structure, which is easy to disassemble, transport, move and easy to operate. It features an adjustable column, thus the spacing between the arms and the number of layers of the arms can be increased or decreased depending on the actual height of the cargo. There is no need for a column at the aisle, only the cantilever is used to access the cargo, thus the double-sided cantilever can be made, so that the space utilization of the warehouse is greatly improved. 

In addition, a spacer can be placed on the Powder Coating Finish Warehouse Vertical Storage Cantilever Rack to accommodate different goods. It is especially suitable for warehouses with small space and low height. The cantilever is generally tilted upward by about 5 degrees, and a baffle is provided at the foremost end of the cantilever to prevent the cargo from sliding down. 

The surface of it adopts powder coating, thus it gains the advantages of corrosion resistance, rustproof and durability. It is very popular with our customers all over the world due to high cost effective. 

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1. Cantilevered shelves have one arm and two arms, efficient storage of wood, pipe, strip and other similar products. 

2. It makes full use of the anti-load capacity of the material and has the characteristics of large carrying capacity and low cost.

3. It has two types, one is cantilever rack roll-formed type, the other one is H beam cantilever rack.

4.  Column height can be up to 6000mm and arm length is better to be within 1000mm. Arm can be adjusted by a pitch of 100mm.

5. Itcan be of light duty type, medium duty type and heavy duty type.


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