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Cantilever racks are suitable for storing long materials, ring materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods. The cantilever storage shelf columns are mostly made of H-shaped steel or cold-rolled steel; The arms adopts square tube and cantilever shelf;The base is made of cold rolled steel or H-shaped steel. The cantilever and the column are connected by Plug-in or bolt-on. The base and the column are connect with bolts.  The cantilever can be single-sided or double-sided, and the cantilevered shelf has the characteristics of stable structure, good load capacity and high space utilization.

cantilever racking 1


1. Cantilevered shelves have one arm and two arms, efficient storage of wood, pipe, strip and other similar products. Cantilever rack consists of column, base, arm and connecting bracing.


2. Cantilever shelves are an effective storage system for quality, safety and management. The column is made of H type steel. This structure makes full use of the anti-load capacity of the material and has the characteristics of large carrying capacity and low cost.

3. Cantilever rack has two types, one is cantilever rack roll-formed type, the other one is H beam cantilever rack.

4.  Column height can be up to 6000mm and arm length is better to be within 1000mm. Arm can be adjusted by a pitch of 100mm.

5. The cantilever rack can be of light duty type, medium duty type and heavy duty type.


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Our advantages on cantilever rack: 

1, Quick and easy assembly 

2, Powder coat baked polyester finish 

3, Interchangeable pallet rack design

4, Cold rolled steel

5, Integrated beam connector safety locks 

6, strong bearing capacity

7, A big scale of output allows us in a good position to control lower product costs on a basis of same high quality level.

8, A wide range of different racking types to suit different storage needs.

9, Free but expert advice & proposed racking solutions for your kind reference.