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Industrial Warehouse Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack System

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Product introduction:

The Industrial Warehouse Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack System is the ideal solution to store long and awkward oversized goods. It is perfect for the storage of packs of timber, steel bars, tubes and long goods. It is available in both single-sided and double-sided configurations. The double sided rack provides maximum strorage capacity on a single central column while the single sided rack is designed to fit flush against a wall. 

The cantilever rack system is designed with vertical support arms that attach to a series of uprights and then cantilever out on a slight angle to support goods. Normally, Cantilever racking is primarily used for storage of bulky, oversized, long loads such as timber, plasterboard, steel trusses & piping, PVC carpet. Uprights can be punched on the front and back sides for double storage. Arm length, height and quantity are determined based upon size and quantity of expected load.

Our Industrial Warehouse Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack System allows you to use your warehouse space more efficiently - you do not need to waste horizontal space with awkward posts and columns obstructing storage areas. Items best suited to such a system include furniture, building materials, piping, rolls, appliances and flooring.


Advantages of the Cantilever Rack System

1.  Composite structure;

2.  Size and capacity can be fixed by users;

3.  High quality steel, epoxy powder coating in the surface and color optional; 

4.  Mainly used for the storage of long, circular or irregular shape goods;

5. Assemble and disassemble easily and conveniently, so it can be recyclable.

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