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Heavy Duty Double Sided Cantilever Racking System

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Product Description:

This kind of Heavy Duty Double Sided Cantilever Racking System is mainly composed of column piece, cantilever beam, connecting rod and the like. The forward cantilever structure is light in weight and has high carrying capacity, which is convenient for storing non-standard or long rod materials, and can greatly improve the utilization rate of the warehouse and work efficiency. In addition, the Heavy Duty Double Sided Cantilever Racking System can fully improve the space utilization rate, standardize warehouse materials management. 

Besides, it can match with stacker or forklift, which can improve the efficiency of material circulation, reduce the cost of storage and freight, increase economic benefits, and improve the mechanization level of material circulation. What’s more, it can reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions as well. The Heavy Duty Double Sided Cantilever Racking System is widely applied in machinery manufacturing industry, building materials supermarket and other fields. 

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1. Easier to use

With no front column in the way, faster to load and unload, lowering handling time and costs.

2. More flexible

Loads may be placed anywhere along the entire length of a row on a cantilever rack.

3. More compact

The lack of a front column saves horizontal space and provides more abundant handling clearance.

4. More selective

Any load or storage slot is immediately accessible.

5. More economical

Both reduced handling time and increased space utilization make cantilever racks more cost-efficient. And increase load length increases.

6. More adaptable

Cantilever racks can store nearly any type of load long, bulky, or oddly-shaped.


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Our advantages on cantilever rack: 

1, Quick and easy assembly 

2, Powder coat baked polyester finish 

3, Interchangeable pallet rack design

4, Cold rolled steel

5, Integrated beam connector safety locks 

6, strong bearing capacity

7, A wide range of different racking types to suit different storage needs.

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