AS/RS System

Automatic Storage And Retrieval System

Sunnyrack has successfully finished another AS/RS project for a large food manufacturing enterprise in Zhuozhou, Hebei Province in year 2015.

The client uses standard L1200*D1200 (mm) pallet and each pallet loads 1000KG. This new automatic warehouse contain totally 5000 pallet positions in area L70620*W21750*H20550 (mm). It loads ten layers in height direction which maximizes space utilization and storage density. The upright post is adopted butt joint style. The top upright post we use is H10350*120*95*3.0, the below upright post we use is H10200*120*95*2.5. Then we use Sunnyrack special technology to connect them together.

AS/RS system can maximize warehouse utilization, reduce labor cost and increase warehouse safety. It is widely used in manufacturing, distribution, retail, wholesale industry.